Pictures and sound

Here and midi sound files of music from the play Brandreth together with pictures of Brandreth and his wife. There are more pictures on the page “streamiing”.

Ann Brandreth
played by
Lynn Shrimpling

Brandreth played by Antony Varney

Here are the songs from Brandreth in midi format.
If you have a sound card they may have started playing already depending on the music programs you use.
You should be able to control them by the bar on this page,
or by your program controller.

The Music
Opening Music
This is based on a theme which appears later in the play. It was performed with recorder and electronic keyboard in the original production.
The Song of the Oppressed
“My heavy load and burden dread... “
 A chorus performed during an opening tableau depicting the difficult life of much of the working population at that time.
Ann’s Song
“Farewell my love.”
Ann Brandreth bids farewell to her husband as he leaves their home to join with the rebels.
The Freedom Song
“Ye honest and faithful who liberty prize”
A rebel song.
Brandreth’s Song
“Ev’ry man his skill must try”
A rebel song with words written by one of the Pentrich rebels.
Oliver’s Song
“I have persuaded these men to trust me.”
The spy Oliver justifies his behaviour.
The March to Kinberley
“The time has come.”
While the rebels sing “Brandreth’s Song” a solo voice tells of their actions and thoughts.
Run for your Lives
The rebels are confronted with a mounted troup of government soldiers. They scatter in panic.
Lament for a Lost Cause
“Where are they now?”
Brandreth sadly sings  of lost men and a lost cause.
The Duke’s Song
“Now the deed is done.”
The Duke of Newcastle sings happily of the successful outcome of his plans to quell the rebellion.

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