Performing Brandreth

Copyright and Performing Rights in the play Brandreth and its music are held by their writer and composer  Les Emmans. He is happy for the play to be performed free of charge on the clear understanding that it must not be used for commercial purposes unless express permission has been granted.

To arrange for performance please email les@emmans.co.uk and include information about how you intend to use it.

The music can be downloaded free from www.sibeliusmusic.com . Type “Brandreth” in their search box. You will need their free plug-in “Scorch 2” to see and print the score - it will be offered for download when you visit the site

A printed copy of the play together with the music can be obtained from
Request “Brandreth by Les Emmans.”
is a music shop in Lincoln, U.K. They will give you details of the price. (Sorry, but you will have to pay for a bound copy.  Secure credit card transactions  are OK with them.)

Here is a sample of the music. It is the second number in the MIDI playback on the Pics and Sound page (See buttons on the left)

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