A considerable amount of research material on this subject is kept at the Derbyshire Record Office, Local Studies Library.
This includes the whole of the proceedings of the trials of the Pentrich men, newspaper reports and pamphlets of the time, together with a collection of letters and magazine articles relating to the subject.

The two most complete accounts of the rebellion are contained in the following books which are sadly our of print and quite difficult to obtain:
The Pentrich Revolution. John Neal .(Original publication about 1890) Reprinted by The Pentrich Church Restoration Appeal Committee
November 1966
Englandís Last Revolution: Pentrich 1817. John Stevens.
Published by Moorland Publishing 1977. ISBN 0903485435

The following books have provided background historical information for this project:
The Forging of the Modern State. Eric. J. Evans.
Longman 1996. ISBN 0 582 08953 0 PPR
Britain in the 19th Century. Howard Martin.
Nelson. 1996. ISBN 0-17-435062-7

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